Site Clearance

Site Clearance

Due to the amount and size of machinery we own and run in house, our business moved towards large scale site clearance quite early in our evolution.

We run 4 Forestry Specification Tractors complete with timber cranes, Winches and Forwarding trailers and Mulcher. We have 2 whole tree chippers including A Lorry Based ‘Hack Truck’ We have a Purpose built Komatsu Forestry Forwarder

A full list of our machinery is below:

  • Valtra Forestry Tractor 214D, c/w Botex 570 Crane & Boughton 15T winch
  • Valtra Forestry Tractor 203D C/w Kronos 820 Crane & Werner 8T Winch
  • Valtra Forestry Tractor 202V c/w Kronos 6020 Crane & Werner 8T Winch
  • Valtra Forestry Tractor 6850 c/w Botex 560 Crane -
  • Mercedes Acros 6x6 Hack Truck with Mus max 11XL Chipper 550HP
  • Komatsu 840 TX Timber Forwarder 2013
  • Manitou Telehandler 840 2015
  • 2 x L200 Mitsubishi Double cab 4 door commercial pick ups
  • L200 Mitsubishi single cab
  • Isuzu Grafter Arb Tipper body
  • Isuzu Grafter Arb Tipper body
  • Vauxhall Vivaro Panel Van
  • Heizohack 10500 Chipper
  • Forst XR8 Tracked chipper
  • Forst TR6 Tracked Chipper
  • Stronga Hookloada Trailer 16T & skips
  • Botex Big foot timber trailer
  • Botex Euro 11 timber trailer
  • 4 x Plant & tipper trailers up to 3.5 T
  • Igland 10T double drum PTO winch
  • 1 Stump grinder
  • Knapsack sprayers and ecoplugs for herbicide application
  • Bunded fuel bowser

Commercial Site Clearance Experience

From November 2012 – April 2015 CTS carried out the devegetation and tree clearance works for the new Borders Rail extension for Bam Nuttall. The area covered an extent of 35 miles with works being carried out at various locations throughout simultaneously. This involved working alongside Civil Engineers & ecologists on site, working adjacent to private properties and live carriageways. Time constraints were of great importance due to the scale and importance of the project.

From September 2014 – January 2017, CTS worked in Partnership with DGC Ltd to carry out devegetaion works for the new M8 & M74 Extension works carried out by Ferrovial Laggan Joint Venture. These complex works required us to work in diverse situations and included felling adjacent to the live carriageways, night shift works, working under the guidance & supervision of ecologists and felling trees in areas infected with Invasive species.

In February 2019 we cleared trees and vegetation in Japanese Knotweed Infested areas for expansion works at Glasgow Airport. These works involved working within the busy Airport setting, working adjacent to live carriageways and working adjacent to private properties.

We work closely with a number of companies specialising in eradication of Invasive species including Kleerkut, Emtec ecology & ERS. We have been employed to remove trees and vegetation in areas where they are removing invasive species, this work has given us a good understanding of the dangers and importance of following guidelines and protocol when working near invasive species. We also deliver Toolbox Talks on these operations to all staff and operatives.

Crane fed tree chipping

Our largest Machine is a 500 HP Mus Max operated on a Mercedes Arocs 6x6 Lorry. It has an infeed 75x120cm and is capable of chipping 50 Tonnes per Hour. The crane has a reach of 9 meters and is mounted onto the tractor roof, giving the operator maximum visibility. The grapple on the end of the crane allows cut trees and branches to be fed into the Wood Chipper. The Crane and Chipper are operated from within the Tractor cab to ensure safety.

The unit is highly mobile and is ready to start chipping within minutes of entering a work site. The unit can also easily move around even the most demanding terrain and from tree to tree, reducing the need to move cut trees around the site.

Crane fed chipping

Skid-Steer Mulching

We can also offer a fixed tooth Mulching service.

The mulching head is fitted onto a tracked, skid-steer base unit, making it ideal for working in demanding situations. Its tracks give even ground pressure, high manoeuvrability with a minimum of ground disturbance or compaction.Being under 2 meters in width and just over 2 meters in height, it makes an ideal machine for working in and around trees with low canopies.

The mulching head has a working width of just under 2 meters and is equipped with 36 Carbide tipped teeth. It is able to process standing material comfortably up to 20cm Diameter.

  • No Chainsaws
  • One Machine
  • One Operator
  • Mulched material is incorporated into Top Soil

Restricted access - Invasive Species Eradication

As we are qualified pesticide operators we are also able to offer services including removal of Japanese Knotweed, spraying establishing tree crops and Rhododendron control.

Also ideal for Rhododendron control is the Mulching service we offer. See Skid-Steer Mulching.