Commercial Woodland Experience

We have carried out a variety of both small scale and larger scale Forestry operations.

We have carried out numerous small-scale forestry thinning operations on behalf of Forestry Commission Scotland – Scottish Lowlands Forest District. Thinning works were undertaken at Blairadam Forest in Fife, Larbert Hospital Grounds in Falkirk, Bishop’s Estate woodlands in Easterhouse Glasgow, Drumchapel Woodlands in Drumchapel, Auchenshuggle Wood in Glasgow, Dean Plantation in Dunfermline Pendriech Woodland in Stirling.

These jobs were won through a combination of Tenders and mini competitions after successfully gaining a place on the small-scale Forestry Framework. The thinnings at Dean, Larbert, Pendriech and Blairadam were sylvicultural thinnings within commercial woodland.

The works at Easterhouse, Auchenshuggle and Drumchapel were carried out to increase the openness of 10-15-year-old planting sites to encourage more public usage.

We have just completed our forth year of clear felling at the former BAE Systems Royal Ordnance Factory Base at Bishopton. The site is being decommissioned and cleared for housing developments. The site is heavily afforested, and we have been carrying out clear felling, mulching and the sale of timber from site in a phased approach over the last 4 years.

We have just completed felling & Thinning standing sale at Duchal Estate, Kilmacolm. The new owners of the Estate are beginning to carry out active woodland management. We purchased, felled, processed and sold the timber from site.

Commercial woodland experience

Woodland Maintenance

As we have 2 Foresters in-house we are able to offer a variety of woodland maintenance options from management planning and felling licence application to thinning and clear-felling.

As Kate had previously worked for 10 years with Forestry Commission Scotland she has a range of experience managing Grant application, small scale thinnings, tree planting and path construction particularly in an urban woodland setting.

Colin has over 17 years’ experience of carrying out all of these operations himself so we have a variety of advice and experience to offer. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements.

Woodland maintenance

Path Maintenance

Path maintenance works can be carried out to reinstate paths after damage due to wear and tear, water erosion, etc.

Path Maintenance

Rhododendron Removal

Rhododendron is a forestry weed as it can spread and take over woodland very rapidly. Rhododendron casts a very dense shade preventing tree regeneration or flora growth from occurring on the Forest / Woodland floor.

Complete eradication of Rhododendron is a continuous job and may take two or three seasons to control. The best method is to mulch the plants and then spray with a Herbicide (Glyphosate) a follow up spray will also be carried out the following growing season.



We are able to offer a clear felling services including clearfell of Conifer Plantations, Broadleaved woodlands and clearance of scrub for development purposes (See portfolio and gallery).

Woodland Thinning

We offer woodland thinning services ranging from Thinning of Commercial Conifer Plantations to Thinning broadleaf / mixed woodlands for silvicultural or aesthetic reasons.

As our in-house staff includes two qualified Foresters, we are also able to offer you advice on the best management practices for your woodland.